We are delighted that you have continued to be so active in our “Picture – mathematical task” competition. A total of 495 students from 121 schools (209 teachers) participated in the competition.

All pictures can be found here.

The commission will select the three best pictures from each group:

  • I group: 5-6 grade (10-12 age);
  • II group: 7-8 grade (13-14 age);
  • III group: 9-10 grade (15-16 age);
  • IV group: 11-12 grade (17+ age).

Certificates to students and teachers will be prepared at the end of the competition and we will send them by the email addresses given in the participant form. The winners of the competition will be announced on 22 February.

Follow the information on the website.

Good luck!

The registration of the pictures is over!